First Supervisor Meeting

This week we have found out that our supervisor for our group project is Glenn Doyle. We had our first group meeting on Tuesday and it was great to get some positive feedback on our project and also advice on some possible new directions that we could take to further our idea.

Some of things that have been brought up to us would be to consider taking a step back from focusing purely on Pictionary and consider other games such as Charades and Catchphrase just to keep our minds a bit more open. Another thing we need to think about is how we would like to incorporate our animation. We have been advised to think about animation as a feature to the game and that only to bring it in if it is adding to the experience of Doodle Blocks. Another main point in our meeting that was discussed would be to use themes for example there could be different rounds for movies, tv shows or songs and the player must find a way to communicate what this is through drawing within the time frame.

Our next meeting has been set for January 14th so as a group we will be staying in communication over the Christmas holidays and arranging a meeting to brainstorm and develop on our idea.

In terms of my plans for the design work I would like to spend time developing on our style and designing lots of mock up designs in January after we have met up to have a discussion about our project development. We have two weeks off towards the end of January and I see this as an opportunity to get a head start on the work especially as once we return to college we will only have three weeks left to create our project script which will be a large and time consuming document.


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