Research/Meeting Supervisor

This week we we had a productive week in certain areas of our project. We firstly were assigned our group supervisor who is Glenn Doyle. We scheduled a meeting with him yesterday (Tuesday) which we thought was very productive and we came up with some good ideas and schedules that we have to meet. Things like absolutely hammering down our idea to what we want to put on show for our end product. We also talked about certain areas that we think might need more work, such as the reacTIVision. I will talk more about that later in my blog. We also set the date for our next meeting where we have certain pieces of research to do in relation to what job we have in our group. For my piece I am going to be programming and I need to do more research into Flash, which is the software that we are going to use. We also had the idea that we could use the ‘Kinect’ which is used on the Xbox, instead of reacTIVision to make movements on the screen. That is something that will be decided on in the coming weeks.

I personally have done some research online in relation reacTIVision. As I said in my last post, I wasn’t to sure whether Flash and reacTIVision could work together, so I looked online and I found a great video below of them both working together in a project. The only thing about that video, there was about a 2 second lag for the information to disappear of the screen when the cube was moved. That is something we wont want when the user is drawing on the screen because every second will be vital when they are against the clock.

We have certainly got more work to do and maybe come together before the Christmas break and tie down exactly what we want in our project. We know that we are going to have just the four colours for the user to choose from. We thought the colour palette that I did in the last blog that there was to many options for the user to choose from in terms of the colours. We have decided to just have four colours, which will probably be black, white, brown and blue. That is something that could change in due course.


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