After Presentation Thoughts

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the presentation because I was out of the country for my sisters wedding. I decided that I would use my initiative and create my own video to explain my part in the project and introduce some of the research work that I have done so far. Today I have had a chat with some of the group members and talked about the feedback that we got from the lecturers after the presentation. A lot of the points make sense and it seems that we have a lot of thinking to do on a few areas, but two in pertiicular. What software are we going to use? Are we going to use Reactivision. Me personally I think it is a big risk to take to use reativision because its extremely slow and is subject to bugs. We are going to organise a group meeting tomorrow and I think we will make a decision on that then. Also, we were advised to just use Flash or Processing and not both like we had planned. I know we were probably been a bit ambitious wanting to use both of them but I suppose we just wanted to showcase our skills in both of them instead of just one. I think at the minute we might be edging towards using Flash because I am quite keen on using it and I have gained a lot of experience in it over the last 3-4 years.

When I was in America I was at a museum and I was looking at the interactive installations on a visit to one of the many museums over there, and it reminded me of what type of interactive installation we would like to create. The image below is probably on a smaller scale on what we want to create but I think it give me a good idea of what ours could look like. I also think the way its touch screen was extremely interesting as well because that is what we want to incorporate into our program as well.



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