Development After Feedback

After last weeks presentation and feedback I wanted to re-evaluate my research to take in what some of the lecturers pointed out could be problematic with our design. To ensure that our sketchy style will appeal to adults more so than children I want to look at designs out there that keep in touch with this ‘doodle’ style but also are smart and professional. I have already found some sites which I think would appeal to an older generation (15+) in earlier research but I want to look more in depth at interfaces and designs targeted only towards adults.

I have pinned various different fun and creative pages on Pinterest but I will discuss some of the interfaces that I think will be suited most to our sketchy style here. This following design is for an app. As it is all about creativity they have chosen a sketchy theme. This app includes handdrawn style graphics but also incorporates professional fonts to give it a polished feel. The sketches are similar to what we hope to achieve with simple clean lines.From my research have found that alot of sketchy websites use speech/thought bubbles to display text. This is also something we would like to implement. My wish for this design is that the colours are quite drab and we are hoping for much stronger, brighter palette. This does spur the idea that our designs can incorporate both ‘doodles’ and a professional font style.


Here is a different style approach to web design. The font is a professional font but in a hand drawn style. I like how the layout has been designed as if in a pocket to add a quirky touch. The design is appealing but once again we would aim to design a more colourful interface because of the nature of our game.




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