Presentation Reflection

On Monday of this week we had our presentation of the group project idea. We were very prepared in the fact that we spent much of the previous week researching, designing our slides and practicing at every spare chance. We were second to present and it wasn’t as scary as it had been made out to be, which was a relieve! I think that we all did very well and each of us got across all the points we wanted to communicate our idea clearly. The questions at the end weren’t as much grilling as I had originally thought they would be but they were more given as helpful constructive feedback questions to get us thinking.

Some of the main aspects the lecturers asked us to consider were; choosing either processing or flash because we could have difficulty combining the two, considering our graphic style (making sure that our sketchy style will appeal to our target market of 15 +), and possibly changing how the ‘blocks’ will look (not cubes but objects more user friendly such as paintbrushes ect. Since Monday we had a group meeting to discuss this and consider some other possibilities. I will be looking at the graphical style so for my next blog I will be take on board our feedback and research some more user interfaces targeted towards adults.


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