Moving forward after the presentation

We have had our first group meeting since the presentation and we have also had a class in relation to the role of project manager.

We have assigned ourselves some home work in relation to looking into the feedback from the lectures during our presentation. More research will follow with regards to design, construction, and programming and of course project management. Laura will be looking a bit deeper into the design. Paul has started looking into connecting Flash with reactiviosn and Conor has started looking more into the construction of the game. I will also be diving deeper into the role of project manager. The class we had on Thursday was all about project management and I was given some handy hand outs to read over so will get stuck into those.

I look forward to hearing how everyone got one.

The feedback given to us from the lectures is very important for each of us to use in relation to moving forward with this project. I feel as project manager that each of the team has taken the feedback and really used it to push them, and myself to do the best we can.


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