Presentation Reflection

Finally it is done! The arduous task of presenting in front of a panel of lecturers is over and i feel it went superb. We were originally supposed to be the first group to present but due to an illness we had to go second. it was Neil who started off the presentation by taking the lectures through what exactly the core of DoodleBlocks is, what its essence is. He done a fantastic job of explaining how DoodleBlocks is the next step in the evolution of the game pictionary and gave the lectures a great idea of what our idea is. Before finishing we decided to add a game into the mix! I drew a picture on the board and we asked Emma to guess what it was, thus making the experience of the game more realistic to them all. I then talked about how the game is going to work and its Narrative. I feel this went well as the questions i received at the end of the presentation made it clear to me that the lectures fully understood how i intended to make the project on a physical level. Next to speak was Laura who talked about the design and visual style of the project. this particular part was important to me as i will be working closely with Laura in the oncoming months in linking the physical manifestations with her graphic designs. To end the presentation we showed the video that me and Paul recorded during the week which Neil edited. In this video Paul talked into detail about the programming of the project. I had to play close attention because i was going to have to answer any questions related to the programming.we all got very positive feedback from the panel of lecturers, a lot seemed keen about our project and most of the question we were able to answer. I look forward to evaluating the feedback over the next couple of days with the group!


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