Thoughts of reflection after the presentation

So it is done, the presentation has been is now behind us. Looking back I really am so very proud of us and the presentation we gave! I think it went really well and we all said our parts great! We were nervous about it on the day due to the hype of the whole thing but I feel it was not as bad as people and the lectures made it out to be. Everything was nice and relaxed and chilled out and I think once the three of us noticed this it put us at ease and we were able to get stuck in. Well done everyone!

The questions that were asked of us were very straight forward and I think we all did a great job at answering them. We got some good suggestions about areas that we can further explore and we have every intention of doing so. I think we stayed within our 12 minute mark and Paul’s video ended right on the button of ten minutes so using that as an indication id say we did very well for time.

There was a question posed to me about project management that I didn’t answer as correct as I would like, this is due to the fact that I am not 100% on the role of a project manager, I have certainly looked into the role and we have classes due in relation to this topic so I look forward to learning more. But I have a feeling that this mistake on my part might affect the grade? I hope not!

Some of the main points that were suggested to us from the lectures were, to maybe consider using just flash with reactivision as it turns out processing, flash and reactivision cannot be used at the same time. It was also asked of us in relation to the target audience and if the graphical style was suitable for 15+ years. These will all be brought up at our next group meeting.

All in all I am really pleased with how the day went and I look forward to getting more of a breakdown of how we did from the lectures.


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