Preparation for the presentation

So this coming Monday (24th) we have to give our presentations for the major group project. I must say that I am feeling very confident in both myself and the rest of the group! We have been putting in allot of effort to get things as ailed down as possible. The only down side I feel is that Paul won’t be there, with him being the strongest programmer and the lead programmer for the group I am apprehensive about programming questions coming up. But we have been assured by the lectures that his absents wont effect the grading of this presentation. We had the idea of recording Paul’s sections and attaching it to the presentation. This idea was welcomed by the lectures so we went ahead and I edited Pauls three minute section together. During the practice runs the group as had the video has worked out well, we did have to reshoot after some changes to the overall presentation but this was no issue. For our presentation we have decided to use the Prezy site, using this gives presentations more of an artistic touch than Microsoft’s PowerPoint.

With the presentation looming ever closer the presentation that we have put together I feel is very strong and I think it gets out points across really nicely! With the many practice runs we have done we have gotten ourselves as close to the 12 minute mark as possible. Looking back on all the practice we have done I think it will really show the lectures that we have put a lot of effort into the presentation. The format of the presentation will be as follows; I will open up by introducing the team and the group idea, we will then lead into Conor who will talk about the physical creation of the project. He will then lead into Laura who will talk about the design and overall artistic impression of the project and she will be followed by Paul’s video. I will then step back in and talk about my role as the audio guy and project manager; I will then close out the presentation. After the many practice runs we have done we all feel this layout flows the best and we all lead into each other’s sections very nicely.


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