This week so far was very successful because we have nailed down all the things that was causing us problems such as , where were we going to put the game, in a room or a open sourced area. Other things that were annoying us was getting our presentation flowing and in the order that we wanted it. I unfortunately wont be at the presentations because I will be in America at a family wedding, but I decided that I would use my initiative and with the help of my group I have made a video with a description of my job and my responsibility. I also have explained some of the software which I plan to use to implement the coding of Doddleblocks and other pieces of software that will be used to implement reactivision into our project. We got the video edited with the help of all the group but we were all really unhappy with the audio in the video because it was of sync. I personally wasn’t happy with it because there were some parts that I over analyzed and other parts that I probably didn’t explain enough. For example the last slide that I talk about I didn’t explain that I had incorporated reactivision into the processing of the colour palette which I personally think is a huge part of what our project will be about.

We decided that we would leave it until today when we had our run through presentation in Emma’s class. I didn’t take part in the presentations because this was as close as we as a group would be to actually doing the presentations for real until Monday so it was important that the group did the presentation as if they were doing them for real. We also decided that we would put my video presentation in to the Prezi slides and see how it goes. Overall I think we were absolutely delighted on how the presentation turned out. Obviously each of us are going to have to make minor alterations to the slides but we know where are the areas that need improvement. We also decided that we would shoot my video today again, which we done this evening. It will be edited tomorrow and hopefully then we will do run through before I go away at the weekend. I think personally we are in a great place and we all have bought in the idea of Doddleblocks and what it wants to give to the user.


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