Our Design Style

I have began to research different interfaces that I think look appealing and will suit the style we wish to achieve for our project. These pieces that I find inspiring will be ‘pinned’ on our Pinterest board which can be seen here http://www.pinterest.com/NCLPdesigns/group-project-inspiration/. As I am researching many different styles of illustration, doodle interfaces and websites, I will just be selecting a few select pieces that I think could work well for designs to post here with the rest on Pinterest. These images that I discover while researching will then be brought to group meetings to discuss what I have found and find what works well and what does not for our group.

Our basic idea at the moment for our visual style is to create graphics in the style of ‘doodles’ and very sketchy artwork to link with the drawing theme of our game. We want to achieve strong, brightly coloured, fun looking designs. The style we have chosen would be cartoonish like actual Pictionary drawings.  From my initial research I have been looking at some interfaces that incorporate a doodle style to gain a better idea of what can be achieved. Some of the interfaces I have come across are as follows:

Doodle Hangman App:

The quality of these designs are very good but the lack of colour does mean the design is a not as interesting. After researching through Pinterest there are a lot of interfaces based around squared/lined paper like this which has got me to think about how our background could be designed. An idea I have had would be creating it like a cork board with sticky notes and ‘doodles’ attached. As part of my research I will be researching more apps that are currently on the market to see what way the interfaces are laid out and displayed.


The BIC Wall:

Here is a doodle based website designed for BIC pens. As above this website is also dull in the sense that there is only blues and whites with no bright colours. I like how the doodles have been incorporated and how the title has been sketched on page. This shows how a doodle style can be incorporated into a professional website which is not something that is often done when targeted towards adults. For further research on these doodle interfaces I hope to discover more colourful brighter websites/apps and also to research good interface design in general.



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