Inspiration with Reactivision

The above video is just some research that I have been doing in relation to Reactivision. As we all know, Reactivision is going to be a huge part of what our project is about. We want to use the cubes in reactivision to basically be color selectors and also background selectors that the user can have a choice and give them as many options as possible. The above video is a mirror replica in what it is that we want to implement in our project, except it is to do with music. The person in control there is using the cubes to make music, whereas we would hope to make an artistic drawing instead.This just shows us that this is possible to do and its just a matter of programming each of the pieces of code to the certain cube and asking it to choose something on the screen. For example, our aim is to have one cube that the user can choose certain colours from the colour palette which is in my previous post, and secondly choose a animating background from the four seasons on offer to the user with the second cube. Our four seasons are going to be:

  • Winter
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Spring

I’m happy to have found that video above because it shows us that there is multiple things that can be done with reactivision. Its one of the things im most excited about working with and trying to make processing, flash and reactivision correspond with each other and make them work together as a group. I think the way the user in the above video had a number of cubes on his interface sis really reassuring to us a group because from some of the research that we have done, we were led to believe that it could possibly be quite buggy. We are really confident of implementing it into our project, Doddleblocks and hopefully make a fun filled “PLAYFUL” game. 🙂


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