detailed PM/audio role

Project manager and audio creator

I will first cover my role as the audio technician of the group. Being in charge of the audio it will be up to me to create all that the user hears as they go through the experience of our project. As a group we have decided to keep the audio very simple but effective. The audio that we will be including in the game will be auditory responses to user integration and also ambient background sounds for the animations that we are going include. A few examples of these would be, when the users are typing in their names there will be click sound, this will help communicate to the user that their actions are being registered and inputted. We would also be including music that will be playing during each team members turn; this audio will coincide with the countdown. The music will speed up as the user runs out of time. This will help bring across the tension of the countdown timer and will help communicate to the user that their time is almost up, there will also be a tic-toc sound file playing. I will also be creating ambient music for the game. These sound files will be played throughout the games run time and will help to immerse the user into the game even more. We would like to create a feeling of a game show and I think having back ground music would help sell this idea. I will also be creating sounds for the animation that the user will have access too while interacting with the game. These sounds will mainly be ambient sounds to help drive the idea the user is trying to create and communicate to their team mates. We feel adding sounds in for this section of the game will make it more of an immersive and fun interaction. Adding sounds also makes our game stand out a bit more to the user and will help make it more of a memorable fun experience. I will be creating all of the sounds for our game by myself using, I have been playing the guitar for 22 years and have and in-depth understanding of writing music and combined with projects for our audio modules I feel very comfortable with this particular role. I will be editing and recording using programs such as Pro-Tools and Audacity.

In relation to my role as project manager I will have considerably more duties. I have a lot of work experience that I have gained over the years of my working life that I had before returning to college. I have also been appointed team leader in the past for a couple of jobs I was employed in. All of this experience I feel makes me the right fit for the role of project manager. The duties I will be undertaking as project manager are, managing and leading the project team, I will also be responsible for making sure communications between the group members are sound and open. It will be up to me to develop and maintain a detailed project plan; this will be done through the use of a Gantt chart. It will also be my responsibility that these deadlines are met and that the group is keeping on track with the project plan. I will also be in charge of keeping minutes at each of our team meetings. I will also be the first port of call for the team in relation to any issues that may need to be escalated. I will also be in charge of providing status reports to our project supervisor; these updates will be provided during our weekly meetings with our supervisor. I think that one of the biggest roles a project manager must undertake is keep up the enthusiasm of the group, being approachable, relaxed and easy going. I think to create a sound work place the project manager must lead by example. I have worked in my different jobs over the years and there are clear differences between the jobs that had great work environments and jobs that had bad vibes. I believe the difference in these work environments was because the managers and team leaders where very good at the jobs and where all round nice people. I will also be completely available to help any of the group members in relation to their specific roles.


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