My Role As Graphic Designer

Now that our project has been narrowed down to just finalising the last few ideas I have started to look deeper into my role as designer. This past week was very productive for us in that we have had some really useful feedback on our project which in return helped us to make the necessary changes to improve upon our idea. Also this week we began to draw up an outline for our presentation, came up with our project name ‘Doodle Blocks’ which Conor then created using Photoshop.This logo has helped to create the overall style that we would like to achieve with the ‘doodle’ text. We hope to have an overall ‘sketchy’ and colorful appearance to the look of our final project. I will discuss this in more detail in my next blog.


For my role as designer some of the work that I will be completing includes;

  • Outlining the layout, look and feel of the two interfaces (One is a random word generator and the other is our main instructions and how to play interface).
  • I will also assist with the programming in designing the brush strokes, colours and how the image will be drawn onscreen.
  • For each image created by the random word generator we hope to design an image for each word on the easy level to help children to give them ideas of how an image could be drawn if they wish to use it. To make the game more suitable for older people there will not be an image on the medium and difficult level. I will be designing these images in a cartoon style on Illustrator to keep in style with our pictionary theme.
  • For our project we want to use ReacTIVision. It will be my role to design how the ReacTIVision blocks will look and to create the animations that will appear on screen when a block is used.
  • I will be designing the look of the table where we will be installing our screen and then Conor will be creating the physical hardware end-piece.
  • Finally we hope to create a website and promotional items such as t-shirts and posters ect. This will be the last component in finalising our project.

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