week of November 10th

The week of the 10th of November seen an incredibly productive week for our group, and with the progression of our group project Tuesday’s class was taken up by each of the groups meeting with the teachers and getting feedback on where we were at the time. As far as I could gather none of them had any issues with the way we were taking our project. Their only suggestion was that we try and capture more of the essence that Pictionary brings. After the meeting the four of us went and played Pictionary. I must admit I had a really fun time doing this and for me it helped to clarify what the teachers were getting at in relation to the “feel” of playing Pictionary. This was like a revelation for the group, it enabled us to put our minds in the end users position and help us think like them instead of the creators of the project. For me playing Pictionary with the group made me think more about when, where and under what circumstances do people play the game? It also help me to clarify in my head and thusly translate to the group more of what I wanted in relation to our version.

The main issue we had was where we are going to put the payer as they are taking their turn to draw. We knew we wanted to have an interactive relationship between the person drawing and their team mate. We had thought about putting them into a box of sorts but from the feedback and us playing the game we ended up seeing this as more of a hindrance then a benefit. One thing I really enjoyed about playing the game with the group was the interaction between me my team mate and even the team I was playing to beat.

This then takes up to the Thursday class where we had to give a mini version of our big presentation that is due soon (more on this to follow in other posts).  I felt this presentation went very well for us. I think it showed us how we are to compose ourselves for the main event and also the feedback that we got was invaluable to us and the progression of our idea. One of the great things about having a practice presentation is that it enables us to iron out the kinks for the main presentation. One thing that we got feedback on was the structure of the slides; more good feedback was in relation to our individual rolls in the group. This was great because it helped to narrow down each of us to the essence the project. One other thing I got from the feedback was that when we are in the actual presentation to “sell” them on our idea, this will evolve taking all the bells and whistles off and giving them the purity and evolution of Pictionary.

Friday’s group meeting was the best we have had thus far. We had a plan of what we were going to talk about and we stayed on track. The first thing we discussed was where are putting the player drawing the picture. This I am very happy to say we got sorted and we drew up some sketches that Connor will be putting up in his blog. The next thing we discuss was the presentation that is going to be happening in the next couple of weeks. We split a page in four and each took of corner and filled in what each of us has to talk about. Me being the project manager/audio guy (if we add any) it is my job to talk about the project why we are doing it and really help sell the idea. I will be going first and will be introducing the group etc. I will also be going last as it is m y job to discuss the workflow keeping of deadlines and other project management task, gant charts etc.

below is a screen shot of the presentation layout that we are going to be implementing.

2014-11-14 14.47.08


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