A brief look at the roles

Following I will go over a bit of the roles that we have designated for the group.

Neil (me) = Project manager

Laura = Lead designer

Paul = Lead programmer

Connor = Hardware (wild card)

As you can see from the header that is up on this blog, we have come up with a name and a logo for our game. Doodle Block, this name and really great log instil everything that we are trying to get across for this project. Connor created it and it really fit in with the fun, playful and quirky theme we are going for. Well done Connor!

Laura being the lead designer it is up to her to create the overall feel and design of the products that we will be having in our game. She has had some great ideas in relation to the overall aesthetic that we want to get across.

Connor being the hardware guy it will be up to him to physically create the installation and he will also be leading a hand with the design and programming when needed. Connor has come up with some great ideas of how things will be built and implemented.

Paul is the lead programmer; it will be up to him to programme how everything will work. The main programming language we are using will be processing, there will be elements of Flash also but the coding for this will not be as heavy. Paul has found some very good examples of the types of programming that we can use to make our game run and work smoothly.

I am the project manager, it will be up to me to keep everyone happy, communicating and staying on top of everything in relation to timelines etc. I will be also taking care of any audio that we implement into the game. We haven’t really decided yet if this is something that we will want to do, it all depends on time and the direction that we want to take with the game.


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