Building on the Project

This week was a hugely successful week in terms of nailing down our idea and adding to it in a number of different ways. In our class on Tuesday morning we were advised by our lecturers to go and actually play our project theme, which is pictionary. We as a group went and done that and if I’m been honest we should have done it a lot sooner. We came out with some great ideas in terms of how to play the game and possibly even some bonus features that we might be able to add. So what did we learn?

  • We learned that this game is a major part of “Play”, which is the theme that we have to follow for this project.
  • We learned that if you play as a group of two, teamwork is a huge advantage when going to play this game.
  • We learned that we might have to have a word generator to generate words for the user, but also to have different categories for each of the users. From our experience playing the game of pictionary, some of the words that we got when we used an online word generator were way to easy.
  • We learned that we could have a different categories of words for the different age groups that will be playing the game.
  • We came up with the idea that as a background we could have the bacground set as an animation. We could have the background as the four seasons of the year and for winter we could have falling snow, summer could be a sunshine animation, autumn could be falling leaves and spring could be animating snow drops.

These are huge learning outcomes just from playing the game for an hour. We have decided that we will try and play the game once a week just to see if it will blossom anymore ideas for us. There are some other areas that we need to nail down definitively which we did towards the end of the week, which I will talk about later in this blog.

On Thursday in Emmas class we had a mock up presentation and that was another steep learning curve. We as a group had done up a Power Point Presentation but in the end we realised that we did not go into enough detail about our own individual jobs. I actually enjoyed the presentation because there were numerous things that we learned that we needed to explore and maybe give more information in certain areas. The things that we need to nail down are:

  • Certain outcomes of the game
  • Definitive answer on what happens when the game is finished
  • Is there going to be a video of how to use the game before the users enter or not?
  • What are we going to use to separate the two users on the same team so that they cant talk to each other?
  • Is the game going to take place in a room or our own made up room?
  • Possible workflow diagrams for our presentation

These were some of the things we knew that we had to get an answer for and that was only because we had the presentations. So that’s the reason I think having the presentation run-through was a good thing. We decided that we would have a group meeting on Friday to answer those questions above.

In Fridays group meeting we were really happy with what we discussed. The things that we discussed were:

  • We are going to have a clock in the background as the user is drawing his/her picture to give that sense of anxiety
  • We are going to have our own hardware to set the pictionary up in, which Conor is going to be in charge off
  • We came to a decision on what each of the group is going to talk about in the presentation
  • We are going to have a video run through with each of the users before the begin the game because we feel it is a lot more professional than having text which we  feel would be really boring.
  • We are going to have an animation in the background of the pictionary drawing.
  • We have decided that we are called Doodle Blocks because it looks really professional and gives a better feel to us a profession group
  • We are going to integrate Reactivision into our game
  • We are going to use Processing Java code to program the game, with a little bit of Flash as well

As for the presentations, I am going to be talking about the programming end of the game. The things that I am going to focus on are the types of software that I will be using to program the game. Also we have decided to try and integrate Reactivision into our game.The only problem with it is that it is supposed to be very buggy and that’s not something we want to happen obviously but we feel as a group that it could be the making of our game.


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