Group Meetings

Today we had another really successful group meeting. As a group we have decided what each of our group members biggest strengths are, so that we can each take a job that is suited to us. Me personally, I have decided that I will undertake the role of programmer. Why am I taking that job? I find that I have a real interest in programming and always like trying to solve programming problems, whether it’s using Flash, Java or Processing.

What in our project going to be on? We wanted to implant an “artistic” feel to our project in some way. We have decided to have made our project into a kind of competition for users. It’s going to be using light to make art on a dark wall in a room. There will be two teams of two involved in each game and each team has to work together. There will be one team member inside the room where there will be a number of images generated. The images will be simple cartoon type images like a cat, tree, flower etc. The team member that’s in the room will then get an image flash up on the wall for a second and then it will disappear. When it disappears the group member in the room has to do their best to draw that image on the wall using the lighting effect. They have 30 seconds to draw that image and when its drawing the image will then be sent to a screen outside the room where the other group member has to guess what it is the have drawing. If they get it correct they will get a point for their team. Then the other group goes and each time each drawing will get harder. That’s just a brief look into what our idea is at this moment in time.

So, today I have done some research on the technical side of the project which will be the programming and what software that we will need to implement this project in the way we want it to be done. We as a group have decided that we are going to go ahead and use processing to code this project. There is other programming software that we can use but I think I am most comfortable using it. Other things that will be needed will be Photoshop and Illustrator. I’m not doing the graphic designs but those two pieces of software will play a big part in the outcome of this project. It’s really important that we get the graphics right because if they are looking really well the user will be more attracted to the program. We will have to use recording devices and microphones because we decided that we are going to have a clock ticking in the background to have a bit of tension in the game. We are going to record our own music in the background to maybe replicate the classic tune that is in Channel 4s Countdown show. We have group members who are very good at using a number of musical instruments so that’s a huge bonus. We were thinking also of having a website for the users. We want to add a system that all of the drawings that are made in the room automatically go up on the website. Just for the added bonus that if any of the users particularly like one drawing the drawing they could simply go to the website and save their image on their own device. To create the website we will use Adobe Dreamweaver. We all are extremely capable of using that software so that is another plus.



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