After further research and development on our project ideas we have decided to go down the route of creating a game for our major project. In particular our current idea is to create a Pictionary style interactive game. As part of our development on this idea we have each chosen a particular area to focus in on and research. My chosen area is to research gameplay. I will research under the following headings:

What is a game?
What is a game with rules?
What are a games rules and components?
What criteria should a game follow?
What is a game?

A game is something that can be hard to define as it can be quite a broad term. There are many different activities that are considered to be games in some cultures. In Germany a game is described as “any activity that is executed for enjoyment without a conscious purpose”. This would mean activities such as dancing could be perceived as a game.

For our Pictionary game idea, the broad spectrum of the word ‘game’ can be narrowed down to a ‘game with rules’.

What is a game with rules?

“A competitive activity involving skill, chance, or endurance on the part of two or more people who play according to a set of rules, usually for their own enjoyment or for that of spectators.”

This is the definition of a game with rules according to

What are a games rules and components?

A game should contain both components and a set of rules to help define the game. The components of a game are the hardware of the game whereas the rules are the software. An example of game components in a Chess game are a board and chess pieces. The rules would define what actions the user is allowed or not allowed to take for example the pawn moves one space at a time etc.

What criteria should a game with rules follow?

Four elements that should be included in a game are:

A set of rules to define how the game is played.
A sense of competition (whether this is through teams or beating a high score).
A clear goal (or set of goals) so the player has something to achieve.
Chance – Each game changes no two games will give the exact same experience.
To summarise, a useful quote that defines a game with rules that I found online at is:

“Games are objects which consist of components and rules and have certain criteria: rules, a goal, always changing course; chance; competition; common experience; equality; freedom; activity; diving into the world of the game; and no impact on reality.”

– Wolfgang Kramer



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