The first of many group blog posts

The design –

As this is going to be based on lighting the structure that we ultimately make will have to have a certain amount of darkness to perfectly portray the light. We will construct a square room using the idea of a tent. We will use large poles to create a hollow box shape, then we could attach a sheet of glass to the front of this. Such as this rough sketch of how its possible!

To darken this we could get large dark curtains to drape around the metal frame that we could construct. It could look something roughly like this.

As you can see the player will enter from the outside between an opening in the curtains. Once inside the user is in almost darkness, this will give them the opportunity to begin drawing their picture that they have been given at random. A simple computer based random word generator will give the first team their first word. If the other players on their team guess the word then they win a point. But in order to do this we have to have a was of signalling to the person inside that the team has either got it, or time has rang out. To do this i propose to include a red light and a green light inside the construction. After 30 seconds if the group has not guessed correctly then the red light will be triggered by a timer and will come on inside the booth and the first team cant win a point. If the team guesses it correctly then the green light will come on to signal that they have won a point.

There will be a screen to the right of the booth that will show both teams’ scores as well as a final image of what they have drawn and one of what they were supposed to draw!

Over the next few weeks we will design our logo for the project, once we come up with a name before. I will further research into building this construction using my background in the construction industry.


The rules of Pictionary

  1. Divide players into teams; if a person approaches our installation alone and wants to engage in the fun then one of our team will be more than happy to fill up the team numbers.
  2. Each team is given pencil and paper; in the case of our Pictionary each team will take turns drawing their image in the room that we set up.
  3. Setting up of the game; this will involve each team leader entering the team name and each team members name into the computer, via the interface pad.
  4. Rolling the dice to see what team goes first; for our game after the team leaders enter the team names and the team members the computer will randomly select what team goes first.
  5. Decide which of the team members has the first go; for our game like the above, number 4, the computer will randomly pick who has the first turn.
  6. Flipping the egg timer and start to draw; each team member will have 30 seconds to draw their randomly assigned picture and it will be up to the rest of the team to guess what is being drawn. We will design and implement a digital egg timer that will be displayed.
  7. 7. Right or wrong; if the team members guess the image being drawn correctly they will be rewarded with a point. If they run out of time and don’t guess the correct answer the opposing team will be given the opportunity and 30 seconds to guess the image and steal the point.
  8. The next team; after team 1 has finished the second team will then have a go, steps 5, 6 and 7 will repeat for the second team. From then on steps 6 and 7 will repeat.
  9. Our Pictionary will be played best out 5; the first team to reach 5 points will declared the winners



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